Tuesday , 27 June 2017
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Monthly Archives: September 2016

5 Must-Know Myths About Carb-Loading

For runners, swimmers, cyclists and racers alike, carb-loading is the highlight of a long and tiring training plan. All yumminess aside, carb-loading fuels performance, helping you go harder and longer without hitting “the wall,” according to research from Harvard Medical School. That’s because, when you increase your carb intake, you load your muscles and liver with glycogen, your body’s form ... Read More »

10 Calorie-Slashing Menu Hacks

Portion size and controlling what ends up on your plate (and thus in your stomach) are both vital ingredients for weight management. Whether dining out for convenience, enjoyment or a little bit of both, restaurant meals typically have major pitfall potential. Even if you do manage to resist the side of fries and decadent desserts, there are still plenty of ... Read More »