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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Can You Burn More Calories Working out in the Cold?

Like it or not, winter is coming — and for your workouts, that’s a good thing. Cold-weather workouts are nothing new. Sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey don’t even hit their stride until temperatures start dipping below the freezing mark, and many of the world’s major marathons and other races are scheduled for colder months. So winter is certainly ... Read More »

Be Careful If Your Child Is Mobile Phone Addicted


Youngsters are figuring out how to utilize mobile phones and accepting their own particular at more youthful ages than any time in recent memory. Since youngsters have experienced childhood in a time where mobile phone utilize has been imbued in them at such a helpless age, they are extremely defenseless to building up a dependence on their cell phones and/or ... Read More »

Your 14-Day Plan to Walk More Steps

For the next 14 days, it’s time to ratchet up your fitness level. Wherever you are on the fitness spectrum — an off-the-couch beginner, beginner/intermediate or intermediate — it’s time to lace up those shoes and take some laps. This fitness plan is meant to be a shot in the arm or a quick jump-start. The plan is simple: For ... Read More »

Welcome This Winter Season With Glowing Skin


The vast majority of the people cherish Winter Season more than any other season. The fall season makes everybody feel invigorated and new. Everybody loves to see that hazy and foggy morning. Individuals welcome sun beams with open arms. However, lamentably, winter is the time when our skin has a tendency to get dry, dull and itchy because of absence ... Read More »

WALKING: The Best Antidote For Your Body


Do you know what the best medication is ideal for your body with no reactions? The answer to this question is WALKING. Walking is the best drug in your body. Hippocrates quoted this expression two centuries back “Walking is man’s best medicine,”, and is inside and out more positive today. This reality is especially valid in industrialized social orders where ... Read More »

Meditation is Way Easier Than You Think

Chances are, you know why meditation is good. The list of benefits is long and constantly growing: It reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens your immune system, and can make you more compassionate. It may even keep your brain young (and sharp) and help you lose weight. The real issues are: When to do it? And how? All Heart: UA Heart ... Read More »

How Lindsey Vonn Inspires Us To Work Out

We all wish we could work out more often. But things get in the way. We get busy at work. We join a gym that’s a little too far away. We sleep in. It’s a slippery slope, though. We miss one day. We miss another. Suddenly we can’t even remember what working out feels like. We need to get back ... Read More »