Tuesday , 27 June 2017
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20 Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users

At MyFitnessPal, we know it isn’t only about the scale.There are many amazing ways becoming fit changes our lives, and the way we feel. We love hearing from you, and wanted to celebrate some of the non-scale victories you shared with us on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page over the past month. Here are some favorites: 1. Trying new activities is ... Read More »

Master the Move: The Lunge

The lunge is an essential exercise for anybody who walks, runs, sprints, kicks or climbs. When you master the lunge, you will become a better athlete. The unilateral (single-side focus) nature of this exercise can help you identify imbalances in strength and add balance to your strength and coordination. It’s also important to point out that lunges should be trained ... Read More »