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Khloé Kardashian’s New Injectable Campaign

NewBeauty cover star Khloé Kardashian is adding yet another job title to her lengthy list—brand ambassador for Allergan’s Kybella, a breakthrough injectable treatment that gets rid of a double chin. You May Also Like: VIDEO: Khloé Kardashian Reveals Her Ultimate Weight-Loss Secret Kybella’s new campaign, cleverly titled “Chin Up,” is a perfect match for the reality star, who just wrapped up the tour ... Read More »

Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes For A Slimy Look

When you are too much busy in different things and can’t take out some time for you to cook and buy balanced diet, in such situation meal replacement shakes can be great help. They actually provide you an aid when it comes to weight management and controlling your appetite. In case someone is skipping certain meals or are unable to ... Read More »

Burning Stubborn Fat Stores With NutriPlan!

There are two different types of fat within our bodies. Essential body fat, and excess body fat and storage body fat. As the name implies, ‘essential’ body fat is needed to maintain a healthy way of living. This type of fat products your organs and contributes to normal bodily functions. However, ‘storage’ body fat is fat that accumulates beneath the ... Read More »

Cleanse Those Bad Toxins with NutriPlan!

Each and every one of us is exposed to harmful toxins in our everyday lives. They exist in the form of environmental pollutants, preservatives, pesticides, industrial waste, heavy metals, cancer-causing chemicals and many other commonplace forms that we encounter day-to-day. These harmful compounds can accumulate in our tissues and as a result, it is becoming increasingly more important to detox ... Read More »

Action of Alcohol on Internal Organs

Action on the stomach. ———————- The action of alcohol on the stomach is extremely dangerous that it becomes unable to produce the natural digestive fluid in sufficient quantity and also fails to absorb the food which it may imperfectly digest. A condition marked by the sense of nausea emptiness, prostration and distention will always be faced by an alcoholic. This ... Read More »

Don’t fight this ‘silent killer’ alone!

You have this horrible headache that started last month. Advil, a daily glass of wine, and massages won’t keep it away. Should you go to the doctor? Is something seriously wrong? Maybe you just need to eat healthier foods and drink more water. Maybe more exercise? Any number of remedies can and further investigation is probably warranted. While headaches and ... Read More »

Can This Drink Save Your Skin?

For healthy skin, collagen is key: This naturally occurring protein keeps skin smooth and youthful, but our bodies produce less collagen as we get older. The result? Thinner skin, dryness, and more wrinkles. So it makes sense that companies are constantly coming up with new products and techniques that purport to boost collagen levels. The latest innovation, however, seems like ... Read More »

Skin Care Regimen

Healthy Skin, Simple Routine Following a regimen regularly can help you put your best face forward. It’s a simple routine you follow every morning and evening to keep your skin looking healthy, address existing concerns and prevent new ones from forming. It’s important to find products that will work well together and apply them in the correct order to achieve ... Read More »

What’s in skinade?

Skinade contains the following high-quality ingredients:- Hydrolysed Marine collagen peptides Our high-grade hydrolysed marine collagen peptides are sourced from fresh-water fish, low in sodium and avoiding mercury contamination. We’ve included 7000mg in each bottle. Vitamin CEssential for natural collagen formation and maintaining the collagen matrix. It also provides vital protection for the skin by boosting the immune system and reducing ... Read More »