Hair care myths that need to be debunked

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When you are desperately seeking for ways to get long, healthy and shiny hair, it is easy to get duped into believing ridiculous hair myths. But today, let’s burst some of these myths and learn what the facts really are behind hair care and hair growth.

Did someone tell you that combing your hair 100 times would give you a healthy mane? You may be disappointed to learn that it’s not true. There are many such hair care rumours that we keep hearing all day. Some of us even try one or two so-called ‘miracle tricks’ just in hope of getting longer and stronger hair.

But do these tricks change anything? Probably not, because most of them are just old-age sayings that have been passed on from generations without any science behind them. Here we burst a few such myths to help you know what will actually work for your hair and what will not:

Myth 1: Regular trimming boosts hair growth

We all have heard this at least once. Trimming your hair from time to time is undoubtedly good for getting rid of split ends, but it has nothing to do with hair growth. Hair grows an average of a quarter-inch every month – not from ends, but from the roots. So, whether you cut them or not, they are going to grow anyway. Hair follicles in the scalp determine the rate of hair growth and when we trim our hair, follicles are not affected at all.

So, you don’t have to rush to your stylist every two weeks to get a trim. Simply ask your stylist to trim your tresses to eliminate split ends every eight to 12 weeks. If you want to speed up hair growth, consider investing in hair supplements like TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement that are formulated to improve the length of the anagen phase of hair growth cycle, which naturally allows your hair to grow much longer before entering the shedding phase.

Myth 2: If you pluck out grey hair two will grow in its place

There is no reason why plucking a hair will lead to two hair sprouting at its place, because if this was true then it would have been the best way of increasing hair volume. But, it is not. Plucking out grey hair does not lead to more grey hair. We are just asked not to pluck them because it can cause scalp irritation, which can affect the health of hair follicle. So, if you have a grey hair, next time don’t pluck it off; instead use a colour to cover greys or take pills to prevent premature greying.

Myth 3: Mayonnaise + Olive Oil = Best Conditioner for hair

There are so many hair care home remedies that you hear from your grandmother. But do they give groundbreaking results? No. Kitchen staples like mayo and olive oil are just good for one time use when your conditioner stock is out.

Don’t use them for your deep conditioning treatments regularly as they can leave you with greasy hair. If you want to get soft and silky tresses then invest in some natural hair products that are formulated for your hair type. Consider getting a hair spa every two months to add that quintessential shine to your mane.

Myth 4: Oiling your hair is essential for nourishment

From adding shine to the tresses to repairing the damaged ends, oiling is believed to be the blanket solution for every hair problem. But is oiling really worth it? Hair experts advise against putting oil directly on your hair, as it blocks follicles and reduces the pH level of scalp, which leads to hair loss. Most of the natural oils (olive, coconut or almond) are not water soluble, so they leave some residue even after washing. This gives your tresses a shine but when you go out in the sun the remaining oil layer heats up, damaging the internal structure of the hair.

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