What is ULTRA Hair Away?

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Let’s face it there are many questions that come to mind when you are looking into a new hair removal product – What is it? What does it do and How can it help you?

So what is ULTRA Hair Away? It’s a hair inhibitor spray that stops hair from growing back so quickly between removal treatments. Made from natural plant enzymes this spray is known to saturate your hair follicles and disable the cells responsible for hair growth. After years of biological research this spray has been developed using specific plant enzymes that are known to lessen hair growth. This spray is easy to use and in just one spray gets to work.

How can it help me?

If you suffer from unwanted bodily hair or you are just frustrated with how quickly your hair grows back after a wax or hair removal treatment, then ULTRA Hair Away may be able to help you to stop hair growth coming back so quickly after treatments and if used correctly is known to permanently stop hair growth in the areas it is used on.

Is it a depilatory?

No, ULTRA Hair Away is an inhibitor spray not a depilatory. Depilatories contain chemical ingredients to remove hair. Some depilatories contain acidic ingredients that melt hair away from the surface of the skin and manage to remove your hair but they do not prevent it from growing back. Depilatories have been known to cause skin burns, rashes and pain amongst some users. This spray is a safe, painless and natural formula that starts by slowing down hair growth and eventually stops hair from growing back.

Ultra Hair Away Bottle

How do I use it?

This hair inhibitor spray has a very simple, three phase application programme:

  • Phase 1 – In the first week, spray the area you would like to target twice a day, which could be once in the morning and again in the evening. Massage the formula in for a couple of seconds and do not rinse it off.
  • Phase 2 – Continue to spray the area once a day, for as many weeks as it takes to see the desired results. The majority of people report that it takes 6 weeks to see the full benefits.
  • Phase 3 – To maintain your hairless appearance, you need to use ULTRA Hair Away a couple of times a month.

This product has been designed to work best when it is sprayed on immediately following hair removal. It is advised that you choose an epilation technique, where the hair follicle is removed at the same time, such as waxing or tweezing.

Test study of ULTRA Hair Away

How long will it take to work?

The effectiveness is based on four main factors:

    • Hair type – Those with thicker and / or darker hair often experience results at different rates to those with thinner, lighter hair.
    • Consistency – We recommend that you stick to the programme described above. If you leave out the third phase, then this can disrupt how effective ULTRA Hair Away is for you.
    • Skin type – It has been shown that oily skin types experience the effects at different rates, than those with dry complexions.
  • How much is applied – We suggest applying the product liberally and evenly in order to get the best results.

Generally speaking, our customers tend to see the benefits of ULTRA Hair Away within 6 weeks of consistent and correct use.

How long does a bottle last?

Depending on which part of the body you are using the spray on it can last:

  • 7-8 weeks on small areas such as face/upper lips
  • 3-4 weeks on medium areas such as legs and chest
  • 1 week on your entire body

Is it safe to use?

This spray contains many natural plant enzymes, which means it should have no adverse side effects even on delicate areas.

What are the ingredients?

Water, extractable fruit derivatives, polypropylene glycol, glycerol, disaccharides, urea, dithiothreitol, EDTA, methyl paraben and propylparaben.

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