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Still, at the end of 2015, many businesses do not have a website blog. Or, if they have had one, they have scrapped it because it was not achieving the ROI they expected. They came to the conclusion that blogs are for B2C marketing purposes. Not having a business blog, however, is a big mistake. Today’s customer journey from awareness to purchase decision is wholly different than it was, and a blog can play an important part in getting a customer into that journey and beyond.

What a Business Blog Can Do for You

Businesses do not see immediate results when they begin a blog, and that has to be understood and embraced. Content marketing is a long-term venture and is based upon customer need rather than on company need to sell a product or service. It focuses on developing trusting relationships with a community – either individuals who may ultimately make a buying decision or who will recommend your business to others within their communities. Here, then is what a blog can do for you:

  • It establishes your credibility as an expert and a leader in your business niche.
  • It makes your website a more interesting place to visit because your blog isn’t promoting your products or services – it is providing education, advice, entertainment and even inspiration. It’s a place for visitors to go and not be faced with a “sales pitch,” but rather just to read interesting stuff. They will grow to appreciate and trust you.
  • A blog is a place at which you can grow a community – people who share the same interests and needs who can then communicate with one another and with you through conversations and comments. It is a place rather away from all of the other “noise” on the Internet.
  • A blog can be used to put a “face” on your business. You can feature members of the organization, satisfied customers, and any other aspects of your business that don’t relate to just product promotion. You can tell stories, include lots of media, and just be a welcoming place all around.
  • Your blog content can be re-purposed later. Several related posts can be turned into a free e-book or white paper offered on your site and promoted on your social media accounts. Content can be put into a regular newsletter that goes out to your targeted market who may not be regular visitors. Other content can be turned into infographics or slide shows. The possibilities are almost endless, and your blog content is the start.

A Few Statistics

Here are a few stats that you might want to consider as you contemplate the need to begin or resurrect a blog.

  • Over 90% of B2B marketing teams use content marketing and the vast majority of them do support a blog.
  • B2B organizations that do maintain an active blog obtain almost 70% more leads than those who do not.
  • Blogs result in over 400% more indexed pages for a website.

While these statistics make a compelling case for maintaining a blog, they do not speak to the strategies that are going to achieve great results. And those strategies do make a difference.

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