How to Evaluate Marketing Campaign Effectiveness 2018?

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It is true that running an advertising campaign is not a rocket science. It is quite easy which you can run with the help of any digital marketing company. But the thing which is important is measuring the result and effectiveness of that campaign. It is necessary that how much profit you gain from that advertisement campaign. If you fail to measure the effectiveness and result then it is difficult to improve your strategy.

Marketing campaign

The advertisement is the most effective way to attract the leads and give a way to convert leads into potential customers. More effective your campaign is more leads you can generate.

Simple steps to measure whether your Marketing campaign is going well:


Analyze whether your marketing campaign is fitting according to your plan:  Before running any marketing campaign everyone has a marketing plan for their business. Your marketing plan provides you the full picture of your marketing objective and you can set your campaign strategies according to that. If your marketing campaign is set according to your plan then, you can easily achieve the desired result.


Decide the channels you want to track: It is useful for you to divide the marketing traffic into subgroups and decide in which area you need to put your focus. When you run a campaign you need to observe the direct traffic, E-mail, Referral, organic, Paid, Social media traffic. Among all of these, you need to check which provide you the best result and more benefits.


Define the metrics you want to measure: KPI (key performance Indicator) and Metrics are used by the team to measure the values to demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaign.

With channels, you also need to measure the matrices on which ranking depends a lot. It is necessary to measure the return on investment which you are getting from your marketing campaign. Marketing matrices are simply the collection of data that allow you to get some idea whether your campaign meet the goals or not. Like Web content, Lead generation, ROI (Return on Investment), CTR (Click through Rate), Bounce Rate etc. all are the matrices on which marketing depends.

By using these major steps anyone can measure the success of their marketing.

Google Analytics, Kissmetrics are used by the SEO marketers to measure the effectiveness of any campaign.

These days it is necessary to measure the result for the growth of your business. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. It is imperative that you use the analytical tools that help you in gathering the data today and use that data to shape continually future marketing campaigns toward being highly successful ones.

Now the question arises is who can help in measuring your marketing campaign. Digital marketing expert can help in a better way to fulfill the need of your business or to meet your expectations.

These days it is necessary for every business and in demand. That is why digital marketing jobs openings are growing day by day which helps you to bring a job in your lap and make your future better.

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