How to get FREE TRAFFIC to your Affiliate Link?

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So the thing about FREE TRAFFIC is that since it’s free it required some work so it’s not as automatic as Paid Traffic so please just keep that in mind because if you’re not willing to pay for traffic and just keep this thing in mind that it must required some work for sure.

Top 3 Websites to Drive tons of Traffic to your Affiliate link

#1 Google Trends –

You are not going to get the traffic from Google trends itself, but what you can do with it is absolutely powerful. So let’s discuss what it is. Google Trends is a page on Google and service provide by Google where you can go and check the latest trends, like what is happening in Google and what’s getting more of the searches etc. What is the cool thing about this page is once you come to know what is actually trending in market then you can use that to your advantage in a crazy way to get loads and loads of traffic. There are some bloggers who are using this trick to get more traffic every day.

So what you can do is like go to the Google trend and check your related trend and write something on same trend and that will help you to get rank high on Google fast and you get lot of traffic from Google for FREE! If you write about Trendy Subject or Trendy Story then it will surely get you good amount of traffic.

#2 Twitter Search –

This is a very common place to get tons of traffic for FREE and it works pretty well. Here you can search for People, Subjects, Tweets whatever you want. So how you can use this? What you can do it like just type a phrase related to your product and service and you will have lots of tweets related to same and you need to just comment on their tweets by saying “ hey good tweet, just check out this cool product or service” and leave your link there. Make sure you do not repeat same comment again and again like COPY & PASTE otherwise twitter might Ban you.

Best way will be use your affiliate link in your profile’s website section and follow those people whom you search and give a comments like “nice tweet” “I like your Tweet” “very informative Tweet” etc and then they might follow you back and come to your profile and click on link. This way you get some really genuine and good traffic.

#3 Quora –

Quora is a question-answer website and absolutely amazing place. What you need to do here is simple. Just find questions about a specific subject which you are affiliating and when you search that you will have people who are asking questions related to that topic. What you need to look after here is not to be spammy. Please use your brain by writing some question related comment. Do not just push your affiliate link anywhere; be sensitive about your comment and answer. See this place is really cool place, people here actually looking for some genuine answers and your work is to provide them value. Be Smart! If you answer is good and in detailed than you surely have a good traffic because people will click on your link for sure. So the key of any question and answer website is to provide value.

Alright so that’s pretty much for this. Good luck and I wish you all the tons of traffic to your website or affiliate link. Make money Guys!

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