How to Promote Web hosting Services as an Affiliate?

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Promoting Web hosting services is little bit different because people are not just looking to start a website randomly so it won’t just work if you start putting Banner ads on your website or start promoting on Facebook or advertising it. It might work but not the way you actually want in big numbers and every day! Promoting web hosting has a specific process so that it what we are going to discuss here today.

How to do it?

So let’s talk how to do this correctly. The best way I would like to suggest is, do not promote web hosting directly or without any base. Create a base like You Tube video and teach them how to start a website and why it is important for your business, product or services? So this way you are targeting people who are actually interested to start a website.

Provide your visitors a value and then teach them step by step how to setup a whole website like How to Sign up for hosting? How to install a website? How to choose different design? Etc. After all these you can redirect them to your affiliate link and tell them to purchase the hosting for their website.

What more you can do?

If you promote web hosting and do it Right than you can promote lot more stuffs with this like you can promote the Template or theme for the website. You can also sell domain by affiliate link and in future you can create a video training where you can have a whole package where they can learn everything about Marketing their website, how to design beautiful website, how to design landing page, how to design Opt-in page and many more.

This way you are not relying on only 1 source of promotion. You are actually promoting more than that, Web hosting promotion, Template promotion, Theme Promotion, Domain Promotion and Website Promotion too.

Make More Money

Affiliate marketing is simple, but it can get a little bit complicated when you promote products that people don’t usually need, and one of these products are web hosting services. So if you want to know more how you can do these in details than subscribe now and I will send you more details on what more you can promote as an affiliate marketer and earn more money.

Good Luck!

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