How Your Website Can Be Your Best Salesperson

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What websites in your industry do you envy?”

That is a question we ask new website design clients. The answer, is usually hard to produce. We work with professional financial service firms such as insurance agencies, financial planners and real estate firms, as well as well know fitness affiliates and even professional athletes. One would think that these ‘top tier’ industries and professions would be filled with some of the most impressive web presences out there. The reality is, it is quite the opposite. Almost all of our clients gain a huge competitive advantage over their local competitors simply by redesigning their website, and building it correctly.

Specifically speaking about professional financial service firms – awareness that there is a problem (with their digital presence) is an awakening event! Most of these firms boast about the support systems that they have in place for their top producers/sales people. They train them, provide them with tools and cutting edge technology, they give them support teams, incentivize them in bigger ways, and allow them to have input into the strategic plans for the organization. This makes sense. An organization needs to feed their top producers in order for them to thrive and remain motivated. The reality is, most agencies are actually neglecting their top potential producer – their agency website.

Before I get angry emails from top producers, let me first state this – there is no agency that can continue to organically grow today that relies on either a digital or human sales and marketing strategy separately. In order to survive today, a blend of both online and offline tactics have to be deployed. What good is a perfectly executed digital campaign if there aren’t superstar producers there to close the deal? Now, with that said, there is plenty of data to support my earlier claim that an agency website can be an agency’s best source of leads. Research shows that buyers are typically 90% of the way through the sales cycle before ever contacting a sales rep. So, if you have a tremendous sales team in place, why would you neglect your probable best lead source?

Your website can no longer be an outdated brochure with static information. Moreover, it also has to be relevant to today’s buyers. Notice I didn’t say 2013 or even 2015’s buyers, I said today. Your prospects demand responsive design, easy access to content and the ability to move through the process at their own pace. So how do you stop neglecting your website and start giving it some much needed TLC? Here are 13 tips on how your website can be your best salesperson.

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