Skills Needed for Digital Marketing Success

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Don’t trust your digital marketing to your niece or some intern thinking that young folks know all they need to know to generate digital marketing success. Sure, they may have 10K following their YouTube channel where they tape themselves doing crazy stunts, or a bunch of folks following their Instagram of drunken parties at State U, but does that make them a digital marketing genius?


It also doesn’t make much sense hiring someone with a degree in journalism, finance (the newest trend I’m learning), or other degree.

It takes skills to be a digital marketing success and create ROI for your business. And, marketing majors have those skills.

10 Marketing skills

At its heart, digital marketing IS marketing.

Sure, you can learn what and target market is or develop personas by reading a few blog posts, but understanding more complex marketing concepts and tools takes more than an hour or 2. Does your digital marketing employee know about:

  1. Cialdini’s 6 tools of influencebalance costs with value from customers
  2. Perceptual maps
  3. Pricing including yield management and demand pricing
  4. Market research (we don’t mean some feeble attempt, but true market research)
  5. Group influence
  6. Service audits
  7. Marketing planning, strategy, and analytics
  8. Calculate customer lifetime value and craft strategies for optimization
  9. Understand the customer journey and craft strategies for unique stages in the customer journey
  10. and much, much more

And, that’s just the traditional marketing stuff. Now, add digital marketing.

Author – Angela Hausman, PhDSource

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