The Internet of Things is the Future of Advertising

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In less than 4 years, there will be 50 billion IoT devices worldwide. Smartphones, wearables, new-generation home gadgets – everything that surrounds us will be connected to the Web!

 So far, the Internet of Things proved to be highly beneficial for us humans. Insulin Angel, for example, helps diabetics keep their medication at a safe temperature. Digital bracelets track our heartbeat and physical activity. Smart home systems create a comfortable atmosphere in our apartments.

The other side of the coin is that we may forget about privacy.

There are no data security protocols for IoT at the moment. It is unclear how smart gadget manufacturers will use all the data generated by their products. And I’m not even talking about hacked refrigerators and baby monitors right now.

I’m talking about advertising. No marketing survey can provide brands with such high-quality user feedback as IoT devices. What does it mean for industries and ordinary users like you and me?

The Internet of Things: when your whiskey is smarter than you

During the 2015 Mobile World Congress Diageo, the leading beverage alcohol company out there, introduced the Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart bottle. The technology enables manufacturers to track bottles’ movement through the supply chain, in stores and up to the moment of consumption. Each bottle is equipped with OpenSense tags which (unlike ordinary QR codes) support sensor integration and are extremely hard to copy. To find out whether the beverage you’ve bought is authentic, you only need to tap the bottle with an NFC smartphone.

Whiskey lovers are not the only ones to enjoy high-tech packages. Christophe Emery, the head of the digital and media department at L’Oreal, believes connected make-up marketing can be as effective as on mobile.

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