Understand Features and Benefits to sell your product or service

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What is feature and benefits?

Through the years thousands of different business owners trying to promote their products or services and not all of them actually understand the features and benefits of their own products or services. How can you share or sell your business if you are not clear as to what benefits your buyers will receive by using or buying your products or services so let’s review what a feature and benefits are?

  • A Feature describes your product or service the size, the color, how fast it is the credentials etc.
  • The benefit describes what it does for a user? It saves you money and time. It also relaxes you and makes you feel prettier and healthier.

We all buy benefits not features yet most people share the features of their business assuming we all know what the benefits are?

Example 1

Let’s do the exercise as an example so that we can get this very clear. I think it’s important that you understand what these differences are? Let me give you a feature of a small car. The car is small so it is easy to park, use less gas, cost less and in controversy to that you own a 64 Corvette, it’s small but it doesn’t have power steering so it is not easy to park and it does not use less gas. So this way when you only share the features of your services or product you leave the buyer open to interpret what the benefits are? There are many benefits to each feature so what you want to do is make sure that your buyer understands the benefits that match what they want?

Example 2

Let’s try another exercise. The feature is, that orange is organically grown now give me some benefits to that for example there are no pesticides, it’s healthier for you; it’s good for the environment. So let’s say we are going to buy some fruits and the attendant at the fruit stand says to me, you know out oranges are organically grown so that means they are sharing a feature of their product assuming by doing that we are going to want to purchase it because organic oranges means something good to me. Well not really because this evening we are having guests over and I’m thinking when they shared organic fruit with me that may be it doesn’t look that good.  I don’t think I will buy it. I am having company and I don’t want fruit that doesn’t look good so if they had shared the feature of our oranges are organically grown and they taste so much better and your guests are going love it then I might have bought them.


You see when you give an example of the feature you leave the buyer to assume whatever benefits they think, match that feature but when you just share that then the buyer is left to think whatever they want to think. The door is wide open for your buyer. The truth is all of our products have features and many benefits. The key is to share the benefits with the features that matter to your buyer which mean you will have to do some probing as to what’s important to that person. We all buy for different reasons but the key is to understand what it is your buyer is looking for and to share the benefits that matters to them.


So take a moment and list some of the features of your business like;

  • Multiple offices
  • Take all insurances
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Open Early
  • Stay open late
  • Have credentials

Not list the benefits next to each feature like;

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • It’s convenient
  • Reliability
  • Confidence

This way you are ready when you have a new buyer and you are all set to pitch your best to make them purchase your product or service. This can apply to any type of business weather it is Online Business, Digital marketing or Affiliate marketing.

An Entrepreneur with more than 6 years of Industry experience. I love to teach people more about Internet Marketing or Affiliate marketing according to my Knowledge base. I am not saying I am an Expert but I am learning everyday and translate those information in very easy way to my Friends who Joins me.

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