Your Blog Post Headlines Suck…Here Is How To Fix Them

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I wrote one guest post and got 5,000 visitors and over 30 new paying customers from one link in the guest post.

Would you like to hear how I did it? The best part is the blog I guest posted on isn’t even a popular blog. More on that in a minute.

Not all blog posts headlines are created equal. In fact most of the headlines I see from guest posters are extremely boring.

I can literally look down a list of posts on a blog and tell you which ones have social shares and comments just based on the headline.

Here’s an example of a bad headline I saw this morning:

“Identity Theft Is No Small Problem For Your Business”

Let’s be honest. That headline is a snooze fest. There is nothing there that grabs my interest or makes me feel like I need to read more.

Here is how I would rewrite an engaging headline for the same article.

“Your Business Has Lost Thousands To Identity Theft And Here Is How You Can Stop It”

If you were a business owner, which headline would be more likely to grab your attention?

In my example:

I tell the reader their company lost thousands with out knowing it (attention grabber).

I also offer a solution to solve the problem (reason to click through).

The principles I am about to teach you works exactly the same with a blog post on your own blog as it does on a guest post.

The reason guest posts are typically better is because you are posting on a blog that has a big audience and so it is easier to get interaction.

There are 3 key traits I have found that make a guest post headline uncontrollably clickable (there could be more than 3).

If your headline contains one or more of these traits your chance for click through and readership increase dramatically.

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