7 Best Ways To Lose Weight In 1 Week

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Well, it is weekend, time to party non-stop and with that binging non-stop. But, that does not mean you are doomed to gain weight.

What if you enjoy your weekend and at the same time lose two kilos, Surprised? Well do not be! Your weight issues are actually within your own control.

Here,we give you the simplest ways by which you can surely lose two kilos in a week. There are no fad diets, no rigorous exercises; it is all about you or to be precise a ‘slim’ you in 7 days.

#1 Breathing

Yes, simply by breathing, you can lose two kilos in a week. Amazing it is, but true! What you need is mere patience and 10 minutes. ‘Kapalabhathi Pranayam’ is a breathing exercise to shed those extra kilos. With just 10 minutes of daily practice, it harmonises and balances your body bringing it to a healthy state.

#2 Good Bye Foods- Welcome Whole Foods

For these seven days, stock your house with fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, grains and cereals. Explore the world of healthy, tasty snacks and appetisers, ready to satisfy your cravings and your body!

A breakfast tip Eat a fruit or low-fat yogurt in the morning before the breakfast. It makes you feel full and fights off hunger pangs.

#3 No Sodium!

Avoid or minimise salt, it might sound difficult, but it is certainly a small sacrifice for a slim body. Just flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead. Try a low sodium salsa spread on bread instead of sour cream and butter; this will not only taste good but also feel good on your body.

#4 Have A Sexy Saturday!

Wondering what it can do in a weight loss plan? Well, if you are married then make this weekend a sexy weekend. Plan a hot makeout date with your beloved. For women ‘being on top’ is not only a ‘rocking’  but also a great fat-buster position.

A Sexy fat, Oops! Fact A simple makeout session burns up to 238 calories. Now that is some safe fat buster, isn’t it?

#5. Take The ‘Bitter But Better’ Route

It is time to cut the sugar. Replace the processed foods full of sugar, and if you are fond of spices then chili sauces offer a lot of flavour without calories. Spicy food increases body’s metabolic rate, which makes you digest your food faster.

You must do– Planning a Sunday shopping? Stash some low-calorie snacks in your purse. No burger breaks!

#6. Eat, Eat And Eat!

Yes! It is a myth skipping meals makes you slim. The fact is when you do not eat; it becomes difficult for your body to find food. Thus, in order to protect you from starving:

  • Your body slows down your metabolism and as a result, you burn fat at a slow pace.
  • The next meal (if you skip breakfast then your lunch) will all be stored as fat. This way you are indirectly gaining weight instead of losing.
The right way is to eat regularly throughout these seven days and split your meals.

#7. Tasty Drinks: Just for you!

lose weight in one week

The healthiest drink in this seven day plan is ‘Water’. Drink plenty of water each day along with natural juices. No artificial juices and soft drinks. If you are fond of milk then take low-fat or skimmed milk. All these liquids will create a feeling of satiety when consumed.

To keep you motivated, put some quotes like ‘I am going to look my best in seven days’ on your mirror, phone and refrigerator. This way you will be on track and in shape within no time!

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