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Child health and wellness platform BabyBerry secures $1M angel funding

Parenting app BabyBerry has secured angel funding of USD one million, froma group of investors, led by Nitin Bagamane(Chairman, Tanglin and an industrialist). As a child health and wellness platform, it has been designed to help new-age parents provide a good environment for their child’s holistic growth and development. The funds will be used towards product development and marketing initiatives.

Story so far

CereBrahm Innovations, the parent company behind BabyBerry, was founded by Balasubramanian Venkatachalam, Subhashini Subramaniam and Dev Vig. The founders have prior experience in technology development, marketing in healthcare and internet domains in MNCs. Being parents themselves they are  able to relate to the pain points and understand the need for a mobile based tech solution. The platform was launched in November 2015 and has over 50,000 downloads. The platform is accessible as a mobile app on both Google Playstore and iOS Appstore.

BabyBerry aims to differentiate itself from other parenting apps by focusing on the holistic development of the child by providing tools and resources that a parent would need. The platform comes with features like digital vaccination chart and reminders, WHO growth chart, milestone information, health records management and access to the nearest doctors based on geo location. The milestone information covers different aspects of child development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language.  The platform also provides curated and personalized content from experts like pediatricians, nutritionists and psychologists.

Parents need to sign up on the app and enter relevant details such as their baby’s date of birth, birth weight, height, gender, blood group, and gestation period to help the app provide relevant information and schedules for vaccination. Based on the information entered and updated, the app connects suppliers of baby-related products and services to a potential and relevant set of buyers.

BabyBerry has multiple revenue streams. BerryCart, the in-app ecommerce store provides parents access to baby essentials, toys and other items. Parents can also find doctors and clinics in their area and connect with them for an appointment.

As part of its expansion plan, BabyBerry will soon cater to expecting mothers and couples planning to start a family The company is partnering with domain specialists and wellness providers for assisting parents throughout their exciting journey of parenthood.

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