Top 7 Things You Should Not do after Meal

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“Don’t You even think about Smoking after Dinner, Dear!”

Smoking is Bad enough anyways, but after a mean, it’s ten times the killer, Yep, that’s Right!


“Do not bathe after meals.”

Wait for 30 minutes after a mean in order to take a shower is the best suggestion one could give on this topic. Digestion needs a lot of energy and BLOOD FLOW in our Body.

#3. TEA

“No Tea after Meals….”

Or a Coffee, They Both have their benefits when consumed in a limited or moderate amount.


“No Fruits after Lunch Dear!”

When you eat a fruit after a meal, it gets stuck with the food, thus not travelling in times to the intestines, and getting spoiled as a result, this spoiling food too.

#5. WALK

“Don’t go for walks immediately after a Meal.”

You can go for a walk after a meal, sure, but after at least 30 minutes please. Then it is perfectly healthy.


“Dozing off immediately after a meal, bad idea.”

Just do whatever activity you like most, television, chatting with friends and family, but DO NOT Sleep immediately after.

#7. BELT

“Loosening the belt after meals… Facts or NOT?”

It’s just a sign that you’ve eaten a lot more than was necessary, which in short, is bad.

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