Monday , 22 October 2018
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Things to Avoid During the Diwali Week!

Diwali, which is set apart by fun, firecrackers, and joy, is likewise the day to please Goddess Lakshmi. While individuals commend the celebration with family and companions lighting diyas, lighting the house, sharing desserts and blasting wafers alongside Lakshmi Puja, there are sure things that we tend to overlook. This article talks about unfavorable things individuals carelessly or unconsciously enjoy ... Read More »

Don’t fight this ‘silent killer’ alone!

You have this horrible headache that started last month. Advil, a daily glass of wine, and massages won’t keep it away. Should you go to the doctor? Is something seriously wrong? Maybe you just need to eat healthier foods and drink more water. Maybe more exercise? Any number of remedies can and further investigation is probably warranted. While headaches and ... Read More »