Monday , 22 October 2018
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Top 7 Things You Should Not do after Meal

#1. SMOKING “Don’t You even think about Smoking after Dinner, Dear!” Smoking is Bad enough anyways, but after a mean, it’s ten times the killer, Yep, that’s Right! #2. SHOWER “Do not bathe after meals.” Wait for 30 minutes after a mean in order to take a shower is the best suggestion one could give on this topic. Digestion needs ... Read More »

WALKING: The Best Antidote For Your Body

Do you know what the best medication is ideal for your body with no reactions? The answer to this question is WALKING. Walking is the best drug in your body. Hippocrates quoted this expression two centuries back “Walking is man’s best medicine,”, and is inside and out more positive today. This reality is especially valid in industrialized social orders where ... Read More »